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Set a good example by your own conduct, behaviour and appearance. Flash her vault number at state level and above optional meets. These are standard fees assessed by all competitive programs.
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All routines are from a low, medium and high range of foundational skills. Athletes should be in uniform and ready to compete when they arrive. Provide your body with healthy food and drink at all times. Our deepest heartfelt thanks go out to you and your family. Be courteous, respectful and polite to all meet officials, hosts, competitors and coaches. Siblings who are not registered in a class are not permitted to enter the class.

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Discussions regarding my gymnastics will include my parents and my coach. Artistry is more highly emphasized in gymnastics in acrobatic gymnastics. We often something hurting and gymnastics skills coaching. All will do police record personal judgement against gymnasts. The Gymnastics Foundations Trampoline course is currently being revised and piloted.

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Baggy clothing and jewelry are safety hazards and are not be permitted. In the long run each gymnast suffers from the time she has missed. Food and drink are not permitted in the gym other than water. Are there any medical concerns of which we should be aware? The expectations for skill development are higher in this group. It will not assume these parts are often as these items to gymnastics coaching staff. Gymnasts learn to care and communicate with teammates.

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We realize that at times it may be necessary to leave practice early. Next, gymnasts will compete on the event they warmed up on. Jump Start Gymnastics Team Handbook before signing this form. No exceptions will be made.
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The coaching staff will brace or tape things if deemed necessary. Aerobic Coaches will do their own plans for their classes. Coaches may be performed together routines are required. With discipline, strength, flexibility and skills will follow. FGC programs and services.

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Also remember that you are sitting near families from other gyms. Gymnasts will be asked to take part in one training session per week. Gymnasts must follow coaches instructions at all times. BGBC Committee members are comprised of GMS Team families. The gymnasts march in.

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