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Student populations deviate from the general population with respect to education level and social obligations and might therefore not be ideal to function as control populations in general.
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NIMH interview, used to detect and monitor side effects of light, negative air ion or drug treatment. Facebook has become the most popular social networking site round the world. Reviewing the psychometric properties of contemporary circadian typology measures. However, our study is aimed to be an explorative opening for these questions. The awakening cortisol response: methodological issues and significance. Wu L, Parhofer KG.

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The results of this study demonstrated the validity and reliability of the Japanese version of the MEQ. The sleep quality and daytime sleepiness had a significant relation with shift work. Sleep spindling and fluid intelligence across adolescent development: sex matters. In the present review, the relevant work carried out by Roenneberg et al.

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EV showed a positive correlation with the first cortisol sample directly after awakening on the weekend. Therefore, testing factorial invariance is an important novel goal of this study. Two Simple Questions for a Reliable Chronotype Measurement Based on Energy. Biological rhythms are endogenous and cannot be manipulated by the subject. Morningness- Eveningness Questionnaire MEQ Behavioral Inhibition and. Women and social welfare.

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First, an overestimation of the percentage of melatonin continuation might have occurred, as former participants who still use melatonin could have been more willing to participate in this study than those who discontinued melatonin.
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well as Masters degrees from the University of Kansas. The authors declare that they have no conflicts of interest concerning this article. The study population was all nurses working in different wards of the hospital. Burgess HJ, Fogg LF.

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Effects of working permanent night shifts and two shifts on cognitive and psychomotor performance. Therefore, the ethics committee did not require ethical approval for the study. MESSi can accurately reflect sex and age differences related to the constructs. Togo, Fumiharu, et al.

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