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Immanuel Kant was emphatically in favor of the death penalty for the crime of murder as. Amnesty International is opposed to the death penalty for all crimes and in all circumstances. My professor and advisor was a member of the State Board of Corrections and a powerful mentor. In the last three decades, the average time served in the United States has nearly doubled. WHAT MAKES THE DEATH PENALTY ARBITRARY? Ron Briggs, son of former state Sen. Does not bring back the person killed. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Algeria, Tunisia, Mali, Mauritania, etc.

Again and again, Moran and his students would conclude that a convicted person was innocent. It was years later that I became increasingly convinced that the death penalty was wrong. The only relevant question is: does the person to be executed deserve the punishment? The option, to me, is either kill them or toss them in solitary for the rest of their life. An eye for an eye.

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